The RYA Safety Management Policy and System


In order to achieve its objectives, any organisation is required to manage many business processes. Safety is one such business process. Safety management is a core business function just as, for example, financial management and HR management are. The RYA Safety Management System (SMS) is a systematic approach to managing safety, including the necessary organisational structures, accountability, policies and procedures. Three core aspects of a SMS are:

  • Systematic – Safety management activities are in accordance with a pre-determined plan and applied in a consistent manner throughout the organisation.
  • Proactive – An approach that emphasises hazard identification and risk control and mitigation before events that affect safety occur.
  • Explicit – All safety management control activities are current, documented and visible.

The cornerstone of safety management in the RYA is commitment from the top. In matters of safety it is the commitment, competence, attitudes and motivation of individuals at all levels that determines the end result.

The information provided in these pages outlines the RYA approach to Safety Management. Because each club and organisation is different, it is impossible to prescribe a ‘one size fits all’ template as the hazards, associated risks and controls used to reduce the likelihood and severity of accidents and incidents will change from location to location and from event to event. However it is hoped that the following pages will enable clubs and event organisers to think about an organised approach to safety and to consider the following:

  • Identify who is accountable for and responsibility for safety.
  • Record and publish policies and procedures.
  • Analyse hazards and risks.
  • Determine appropriate mitigation measures.
  • Review when conditions and circumstances change.

More about the scope of the SMS.

RYA safety management policy statement.

The RYA Strategic Plan requires the RYA to implement and maintain a proactive approach to safety within its structure.

Triggers for reporting accidents and incidents plus reporting form.