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The Office for Product Safety & Standards has highlighted a product recall a Tribord LJ 150N & Harness Life Jacket.

Be prepared; think ‘what if?’ and don’t ruin a good day out on the water with insufficient planning.

Keep a friend or relative ashore appraised of your plans and any changes and have suitable means of communication on board for routine messaging and emergency situations.

You, your boat and your crew need to be properly equipped for a safe and an enjoyable time on the water.

Maritime Safety Information (MSI) includes both weather information and navigational warnings.

Safety advisory videos and notices from the RYA.

Launched by Emily Gardner’s family, this simple code highlights factors that are essential for safe boating.

For the safety and enjoyment of everyone on board remember you, your boat and your crew are one; your limits are the collective limits.

Riding a Personal Watercraft (PWC) is a great way of getting out on the water. Doing it safely and responsibly makes it much more fun for everyone afloat.