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The outcomes of the Red Diesel Consultation in March 2021 has presented a number of concerns for boaters in Northern Ireland, following the announcement that NI had to adhere to the 2018 ruling by the European Court as part of the NI Protocol.

Find out the latest news on the disposal of pyrotechnic flares.

The RYA believes that boat registration in the UK should remain voluntary.

The RYA believes that knowledge, skills and experience are the foundations on which personal safety and responsibility are built.

Don't mix alcohol and boating

Poorly marked fishing gear has been a concern to boaters for many years and it has been on the RYA’s agenda for just as long.

The RYA does not believe that compulsory skipper licensing will of itself enhance safety.

The RYA is keen to ensure that technological advances in distress alerting are embraced as widely as possible.

Learn about the latest developments regarding use of red diesel for recreational boaters.

The RYA is representing boating interests as the development of UK marine plans progresses.